Thursday, February 25, 2010


(Open letter to Barak Obama, President of the USA)

January 8, 2010

Barak H. Obama

President of the United States of America

Mr. President,

As Cuban American, citizen of the United States of America (US) I extend to you my most expressive congratulations along with my deepest gratitude for the decision taken by your administration in determining that the dictatorial regime of the brothers Fidel and Raul Castro is a regime that sponsors international terrorism.

It is of public domain the fact that Castro’s dictatorship has provided and still provides safe harbor to well known criminals and international terrorists like Robert Vesco, Los Macheteros, PLO, ETA, IRA, FARC and many others that if they were to be mentioned it would result impossible to finish this letter.

It is also well known to all the fact that Castro’s dictatorial regime has conspired and still conspires with countries of a radical/terrorist nature like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and others, against the occidental democracy headed by the US. Public records exist which depict the participation of Castro’s dictatorship in efforts to specifically destabilize the US as a nation.

At the beginning of the sixties, Fidel Castro, whom still continues today in power of the island, personally initiated an international crisis, known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, without at lest a minimum regret for the terrible holocaustic consequences that such crisis could have caused to both nations.

During the last fifty years Castro’s dictatorial regime has been publicly denouncing a military attack of the US to the Cuban territory, attack that has never taken place, despite of the fact that the US has a military base within the western territory of that Caribbean island. Such open declarations from the dictatorship clearly indicate that during the last fifty years the Castro’s regime has considered and still considers the US a potential attacker, an enemy, and consequently they justify all kind of measures taken against the US, measures that go from infiltration and espionage to destabilization of the national integrity through the promotion of drug trafficking within the North American territory.

Currently, with the existing advances in communication technology and the propagation of the news almost instantaneously, via internet, we all have been able to observe with great astonishment and impotence, how Castro’s dictatorship is totally incapable of preventing terrorist hordes, inside the Cuban territory, to attack physically and verbally defenseless civilian citizens who just dare to disagree and/or protest for the consuetudinary abuse committed by the dictatorship during these long fifty years. In fact, it is known that Castro’s dictatorship encourages the inhumane conduct of such terrorist hordes to intimidate the dissidence and continue in power.

For all the aforementioned, I express to you, one more time, my gratitude for making me feel more protected and secured, against the Castro-terrorism, inside the nation that has offered, in a hospitable manner, a new homeland for me and the family I proudly represent. Thank you Mr. President, I am convinced millions of Cubans inside the enslaved island thank you too.
God bless us, everyone.


Sergio J. Fernandez


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